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Anesthetic Sensitivity in the Neapolitan Mastiff PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe & Lisa Cinciripini   

The Neapolitan is considered a high risk induction patient. Your veterinarian should follow high risk procedures when inducing a Neapolitan. Pre-anesthetic should be given lightly and only to effect – just enough “to get the tube down”. We recommend that all Neapolitans be on supportive fluids during surgery and receive pre-anesthetic blood work/exam. Our veterinarian uses oxymorphone/valium LIGHTLY, Iso via mask to effect and maintenance during surgery. Another veterinarian we use prefers Propofol to effect and Iso during surgery. We have noticed that the Neapolitan’s anesthetized with oxymorhone/valium with Iso maintain better heart rate, are less depressed and recover faster. Chilling to shock is common post-op be prepared with warm blankets and maintain fluid therapy until recovery. Do not feed at least 12 hour pre surgery and 12 -24 hours post.

~ Use of Acepromazine, Rompun are NOT recommended for our breed

~ Research is desperately needed to address Anesthesia and the Neapolitan Mastiff