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Optimmune is an excellent antibiotic ointment, it is prescription only and very expensive. A recipe provided by Bravado Mastino is extremly similiar to Optimmune and easy to compound.

Eye ointment recipe:
2 caps 100mg Sandimmune or cyclosporine QS to 100ml w/cornoil final pt. 2% concentration Be Accurate - for cornea ulcerations, infections, dry eye.

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Cherry Eye PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa Cinciripini   

Cherry Eye
Cherry Eye

Female Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy with Cherry Eye

Photo submitted by BluHouse Mastini

PhotoBluHouse Mastini

Cherry Eye

The most common eye ailment of the Neapolitan Mastiff is Cherry Eye, the gland of the third eyelid swells and pops out and looks like a cherry thus the name Cherry Eye. Most Vet's will insist on tacking down the gland - THIS DOES NOT WORK ON THE NEO. It must be removed if it does not recede on its own.

Most Neo's get Cherry Eye by 8 months of age, a high percentage get cherry eye in both eyes. Ideally, both will develop at the same time. When you begin to see a cherry develop, try treating with an anti-inflammatory ointment - in some cases it will recede on its own. If your Neapolitan has not received a rabies vaccine yet, this is a good time to do it. The Cherry eye seems to pop after a stressful experience, such as plane rides or vaccines - some research indicates it is a autoimmune response. I do not support the belief as reported on other Neo sites that Cherry eye is due to the puppy wearing a choke chain (unless someone is abusing the dog).

After you wait at least week to ensure complete prolapse, no sense in going in to have some removed and the more comes out later, and your puppy has received all its vaccines. You will need to have the gland removed.

Cherry Eye removal is a simple, quick surgery - the puppy (CH Cinciripini's Gina) below had her Cherry eye removed - from the time the anesthetic was administered to the time we reversed the anesthetic was 7 minutes. The actual removal took less than 2 minutes. She came home with me directly after the surgery.

As with all surgical procedures, risks are present !

Please Note: Do not attempt to remove a cherry eye by yourself. Procedure must be preformed at a licensed veterinary practice.

A Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy with Cherry Eye
Cherry Eye



Close up of a Cherry Eye
Close up, Prep'd for removal, puppy

now under for 2 minutes


Cherry Eye Removal
Vet pulls gland, hemostats gland and
removes under 2 minutes



Puppy with removed cherry eye
Immediatley after removal

3 minute Recovery


Actual Cherry Eye
The actual gland removed

total surgery time under 7 minutes

This puppy grew up to be

CH Cinciripini's Gina.

She never developed dry eye.

You may run into an argument with your vet when it comes time to remove the gland. Many vets feel that removal causes dry eye, and they are convinced that tacking will work with the Neapolitan Mastiff as it does with other breeds. It doesn't - all I can suggest to help you with this argument is to offer you this page to print out,  Dr. Allen's page on Cherry Eye and The Mastino Health Foundation article on Cherry Eye.

Also remind your vet that you do not want to risk putting your Neapolitan under twice if he is mistaken, and be sure to get his word that when the cherry eye pops back up the removal is free. Post surgery you will administer an antibiotic ointment for 7 days 2x daily. Most vets prescribe Terrymycin you may be able to purchase it much cheaper yourself.

Over the years I have noticed an interesting correlation to the Rabies Vaccine and Cherry Eye, I have decreased the incident of Cherry Eye after a Rabies Vaccine by pre treating the eye with an anti-inflammatory for at least 3 days prior vaccine. Most cherry eyes seem to pop after a stressful experience, such as plane rides or vaccines. It is not a life threatening situation, simply treat it.