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Written by Lisa Cinciripini   
Pet Insurance for the Neapolitan Mastiff?
By Lisa Cinciripini

Pet Insurance is quickly spreading across the globe with underwriters in the U.K, Canada and the United States.  But is it worth it?  Perhaps for the owner with one or two pets it is a wise investment.  For Breeders or owners of 4 or more pets it might not be economical.  I compiled a list of companies, asked for a quote on a 9 week old Neapolitan Mastiff, and asked about health problems specific to our breed: Cherry Eye, Entropria, Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, Heart problems, Bloat, Epilepsy, Demodex.  I also asked if they would cover any form of "Holistic Treatment".  Some companies were more forthcoming than others; VPI was the most informative and cooperative. All the companies have mind boggling loop holes of coverage so read carefully. The VPI agent I spoke with said that they are working on a new complete coverage policy which will cover any and all illnesses but it is not available at this time.  The companies are listed in no particular order, the prices are only quotes and actual policy prices may vary.

Pets Health Care Plan
Underwritten by American Health Assurance Company
North Canton, OH
+20% for all Mastiffs
Basic Care $13.28
Value Care $26.57
Choice Care $44.88
--Will not cover any of the conditions except maybe Bloat but they wouldn't give me a definitive yes or no.

QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs
Pethealth Inc.

Trademark of PETCO
Marketed under various names
Rolling Meadows, ILQuick Care $9.95
QuickCareGold $26.95
Gold 70% $19.95
Double Illness $55.90
QuickCareSenior $37.95
Emergency Care $ ?
--Not willing to disclose exclusions
--Will cover acupuncture

Pet Assure
*Not an Insurance rather a discount program
$99 per year
$129 per year for two or more dogs
--Your Vet must be a "member"
--Everything is covered including "hereditary" conditions
--Might be willing to cover "Holistic" if that Vet is a "member"

Veterinary Pet Insurance VPI
Agent Name Lisa at extension 5205
Standard Plan $18.33
Superior Plan $21.92
(Extra Optional Coverage Available)
--NO HD, Demodex, Cherry Eye, Entroprion

--YES on Bloat, Cardio myopathy, ACL
--Additional Coverage avail. For vaccines or titer tests
--Breeder programs available

VetInsurance. Ltd.
Underwritten by Allianz Insurance Company of Canada
1-877-838-738712K lifetime payout
A -8wks - 1yr $26.80C
B- 1-3years $31.80C
C -4-8 years $36.80C
D-9-12 years $ ?
--No "hereditary" conditions but they were unclear as to what is "hereditary".

Pet Protect
Based in Naples, Florida
Not avail. In some statesBudget Plan $12.00 Monthly or $125.00 Yearly
Classic Plan $20.00 Monthly or $210.00 Annual
*Some areas are slightly higher (NY,CA,IL)
--No routine care coverage geared for illness, accidents, injury
--Unclear on what is "hereditary"
--Breeder Program avail. Via AVID Microchip Company

AKC Pet Health Care Plan
60 days free with new puppy registration
$35.00 monthly or $340.00 yearly
--Agent had not returned call about specific coverage
--Online Policy Rider would indicate Yes for all conditions but it is abit unclear
- NO Holistic coverage